established 7 August 2003


Run No. 97

Hares Nurse Fucker & Agar Agar

Date : 14 July 2005

Venue : Kew Green Condo

On 12 July 05, Sayeting received an email from NF after his Tuesday run. He was a bit tipsy but after reading the email, he got drunk as he could not figure out how to go to the run site as the instruction is very cunfusing!

He send NF email to the rest and we managed to find the run site.

On arrival to the run site, the guard gave us a map to where to park the car. After landing ourselves to the car park, it is a circle check for everyone to find a parking lot ! After finding the parking lot is another check for everyone on where is the swimming pool !

NF shouted On On and we started the run at 6.05 pm.

The trial leads us pass an army camp (3rd guard) and we have to cross a longkang. The front runners all went pass without any difficulty but they forgot that our baby elephant Jill is behind ! How is she going to balance herself ? Lucky she got help balancing herself from Numb Balls.

After passing the longkang, we hit ECP and the trial brought us to the stretched of condo facing the sea. The hares make us run in between the condo and we thought we can catch a glimpse of sexy ang mo swimming in the pool or moon tanning but what we get is dogs barking at us!

Passing the condo the hare make us turn left to East coast park and we hit a T-check. Very easy to break as we know our way home. The hare make us go through the blakang of houses again and what welcome us is mud that stuck to our shoes that make us walk like tua lum pa. Another let down as nothing to see as running along the road we still can see some chicks that are back from work !

We have a good shower after the run and the hares were put on ice during the circle. when Spiker and Sayeting are talking about the run, NF also want to talk ! We think he likes the feeling of having his butt and balls being numb.

We On On to the makan on a nearby coffee shop as it was an eat out run. The dinner is a 7 dish fare which included roast chicken, yam pot, curry fish, prime ribs. Plenty of beer and whiskey was served. Thank you hare for the sponsoring of the wonderful dinner.

Good Run and Good Food!

On On !

Scribe by Numb Balls