established 7 August 2003


Run: 440

Date: 26 January 2012

Venue: Army logistics Base, Old Choa Chu Kang Road

Hare: Numb Balls

Attendance: 14

The runsite is the familiar runsite, just at the CP outside Numb-balls place of work, the Army Logistics Base, which also earned him the prestigious title of "hash shit run" last year. It was a small turn out, only 14 of us. Maybe because it was still the CNY mood - being the 4th day of the CNY. The run started the pack along the side of the road along the fence of the Logistic Base. "Ah ha!" I thought, "same run like last year". 250m down the road, the trail brought us across the road to Jln Lekar. Two "dummies" in the form of WA and RO just keep on walking briskly ahead without knowing that the pack had turned left. Someone had to shout for them to turn left. In the meantime, ST and HiO, who were behind RO/WA, took the opportunity and scooted across the road onto Jln Tapisan. At the end of the road, the trail turned right onto Jln Piring. The road had taken its toil and just like they say in promoting Mandarin speaking, if you don't use it (even your dick), you loose it. It used to be a nice, decent, 2 lane kampong road and because the army had gazetted it for their exclusive use, creepers, trees had grown onto the road. Now you can't recognise it as a road anymore - more like a track. We ran around 5 minutes and came into a canal. Turn left after crossing the canal. We Ran along the side of the canal until from a distant we saw Opener and Kunfuse walking on a steel girdle in the middle of the canal. What a brilliant idea of a run! These two caring person helped the rest of the hashers got down from the railings onto the steel girdle, with the help of an oil drum which they fished out from the canal. And also help them back onto land on the other side. Forgot to shoot some pictures - they must be great shots. On the other side we ran into bushes and back on to Old CCK Rd. We crossed the road and head for the distant forest where a few faster runners were milling around, I wonder why. When we reached the fence (where the crowd were), ST went on the right side (outside the fence). HiO called him back, said he must take the left side (inside the fence). "But I saw people walking on the outside", said ST. "But the markings are on the left side", insisted HiO. Okay then, ST came back and followed her into the fenced area - 50 meters on, only to be confronted by a locked gate which cannot be open. Shake and shake the gate, no use lah. Loosing face, HiO agreed to back check to the outside of the fence where we met WA and faithfully followed by RO behind her. Numballs, gave some direction to the 4 of us - follow this trail, turn right as you hit an open space. The trail was great and brought us to the old army training ground beside the Jewish cemetery and eventually out onto Old CCK Rd again. At this juncture, some faster runners like Not Enough,Kunfuse, Nai Nai, Kuchinta and maybe Pusher (who had left their brains in the cemetery) decided to "follow some paper" and turn left to Jalan Bahar. Luckily, some quick observation by NE - a bus heading his direction had a sign "Boon Lay" on it. They decided to "blakang pusing" and run home. Good run, good distant and good effort.

Makan: On site. PACKET NASI LEMAK. If the hare had contributed another crate of beer, it should do nicely to help the nasi lemak goes down.