established 7 August 2003


Run 439, 19/1/12

Hare: Humpty Dumpty

Venue: Lower Peirce Reservoir CP

Opener and Humpty Dumpty (HD) came back after setting the run looking shack, especially HD – dragging his tongue along the floor. The flour trial led us to the track beside the reservoir onto the board-walk call “Oncospermum trial” onto “Cynthea Trail” (f**king fancy name for some wooden planks nailed together, if you ask me). Somewhere along the way, we went off-trail into the wild forest. How do one describe the trail in the forest? We went left, turned right, went straight, up the hill, down the hill, got scratched by tree branches and thorns. I heard pain-cry like “ayah”, “ohhh”, “shit”, “fuck the hare” etc What to do lah? Still have to hurry before nightfall and got stuck in the forest overnight. 20 minutes and wha!! (happy) we were out of the forest onto Old Upper Thomson Road. A false trail on the right was already broken and the trail brought us to the left, heading to the Upper Peirce Reservoir Gate. But very soon it turned right into the forest between Upper Thomson Rd and Old Upper Thomson Rd. There, Numb Balls was heard trying to persuade a girl in red shorts (who the f#*k is she? Don’t know lah) to join this fun club of silly hashers, bashing in this wilderness. Of course, being a smart girl, she promptly left the pack when we hit the same Old Up Thomson Rd, heading towards the runsite. Numb Ball did not take down her contact number, sigh!. First runner in, good old Porkie, in 45 mins.