established 7 August 2003


Run No : 35

Date : 06/05/04

Venue : Lorong Lada Hitam Off Mandai Road

Hares : Virginia Slim / William Chin

No. of runners 18 including Alan Chong and Slow Come.

The run started from end of Lorong Lada Hitam and went straight into and through the bushes where Stephen Lee Road, Ulu Sembawang, Lorong Asrama, remnant of Gambas....

Have received comment that last week's run was "a wee bit short", Slime, the hare again this week (terima kesih banyak banyak !!) as expected, went all the way to clear this wee bit of blemish.

In we went, round and round we went as well, through this patch of playground for army boys who happen to have scheduled another hide-and-seek game on our run day.

Water, water, water ... and plenty of it through the 1 km or so of ankle to knee deep stream which help to clean collection of dirt along the up-and-down slippery trails. The depth of water in the was subsequently defined as "pussy high" by some lady members which had the guys knocking their heads in disgust for their low vocabulary level ... and terrible lack of creativity ..

As the night sets in we were still on the run trail with the army boys preparing for fire works, laying communication lines, acting invisible.....

First runner in was about 1hr 31 mins. Technical HASH SHIT !! Aqua, the last holder was more than happy to transfer.

When the front pack that came back had washed up, we realize that Grand Master and his party girls were still in the bushes. Not to miss out on the free fire works, Ichibawasan and Spiker drove into the party ground and get to witness a little of the show but missed out on the Grand Master's party ....

After a few rounds on the run trails, we finally decided to engage our local army boys that had been trained by the UN, specialist in hunt for WMD (god knows what !!), to gate crash that elusive bush party.....

Lo and behold ..... the bush party ended and last runners were escorted back by 8:35pm.


Sandy Lee was invited to warm the ice ... for calling Grand Master in the wee hours. The conversation went something like :

"Did you take my pants ?"
"Huh ......? Who are U ?? "
"4:10am now and you ask me about your pants ??"
"Windy morning ..... shivering ...."

The rest of conversation is classified . . . .

So Sandy Lee will forever be known in the hashing community as NUMB BUTT

Next were the hares.

For the lots and lots of fun, slides, trips, wading, bush parties and all.

2 delicious and hot nonya "Bak Chang" plus 1 banana was the fare for dinner with Slime throwing a crate to extend the bush party.

Must thank the hares again for a chance to re-visit this playground and