established 7 August 2003


Run No : 34

Date : 29/04/04

Venue : Old Upper Thomson Road (Just after entrance to Upper Pierce Reservoir Park)

Hares : Virginia Slim / Brass Balls

No. of runners 18 including new member Johnny Chan.

The run started from Old Upper Thomson Road, about 200 metres from where it re-joins Upper Thomson Road, and went straight into the much loved catchment area of Upper Pierce Reservoir / Upper Seletar Reservoir.

For the first time in Thirsdae, the runners were given the choice of "Short" and "Medium" length runs.

First runner in was about 45 minutes.


Before the circle could begin, very heavy downpour greeted the returning runners at about 7pm.

When the last runner returned, all left for the gazebo at Upper Seletar Reservoir Park.

The Club wish to thank Slime for standing in at very, very short notice to co-hare this run.

The hares were on ice for laying a good run with lots of fun..

Food was delicious nasi padang arranged with the help of Ichibawasan, together with Ichibawasan's "gun powder", sayo lodeh, chicken drum stick / deep fried fish, ikan bilis .....