established 7 August 2003


Run No. 31

Date : 08/04/04

Hares : Aqua and Sophia Chiang

Venue : Dempsey Road - previously Central Manpower Base

No. of runners 14 including Slapper

The run started from the old Central Manpower Base and headed towarded the 7-hole golf course to the first circle check. There the runners went lead across the road to the side of church and along the perimeter of Foreign Affairs HQ with a T-check at a dead end road behind the FA HQ. Thereafter the connecting trail was found along Tanglin Road and the runners headed to Orchard Road, passing that old Tanglin Post Office until another T-check into yet another dead end road before the Duty-Free building before heading pass Orchard Hotel and then through a small lane across Negara Hotel.

From there the runners were guided through land of the filty rich. One of the hares must be a very high end housing agents as we were lead through some houses, real houses with long driveways and gardens and pools, with "FOR SALE" signs on their gates.

Going through the surrounding posh esates such as Ardmore Park, Draycott, Belmont, Orange Grove, Fernhill, Nassim, Shangrila Aparments..... we reach Cluny Road for the final connection through Botanic Gardens and then Tyersall Ave across entrance to CMPB.


All runners concurred that the run was very enjoyable with good markings and good use of terrains. Although quite a bit of road pounding, the greenery and pretty houses made up for much of it.

Everyone also agreed that 1 hr 35mins for first runner deserves a hash shit and the hares were promptly handed over the "Hash Shit" by the previous holder, Spiker.

It seems that there was a bit of confusion on the runsite. There was a change of runsite location from "Gallop Road" to the present CMPB location. And accordingly Sleepy Dick was invited together with Mrs Sleepy to sit on the ice buckets for calling the Grand Master at 6:00pm to enquire on how to get to "Gallop Road"

Botak Chin, the consultant for the run at CMPB, was also invited on the ice because, when he was called in the morning of the run by Sticky Tissue, he told Sticky to go to "Gallop Road".

Makan was home prepared nasi lemak topped with plenty of veggy, ikan bilis,