established 7 August 2003


About Run 30 - Woodland Town Garden

This run being BROTHER's 3rd time as hare and the 2nd time he is setting at WTG, is suppose to be a re-make of his Fung Shui Run last year. During the last run we really had plenty of Fung (wind) and a lot more shui (rain). It was a washout. The committee even try to change Brother's bad luck with weather by putting Patricia as his co-hare (2X with male co-hare already). Come 3pm, as the hares gather to set the run, you guess it, the sky opened up again. Undaunted, armed with a bag of rice (weather proof marker), the hares set off to lay the run of BROTHER's Country. Rain stopped at 5.45pm. At 6pm the start of the educational fung shui begun. A run round the Town Garden Lake (for good fortune), via the underpass to visit the HDB office(for wealth), passing a whole roll of fruit stalls with bewildered spectators wondering what is this bunch of ******* doing here. Of course Brother was trying to show us around Marsiling. By the sea front(for peace of mind), passing places of worship(spiritual well being) of the three main sec and eventually a long run home. It was a long road run by Thirsdae standard. First runner in was Dead End at 7.10pm. Very good kima and mutton curry with chapati was served. We even had Brother belting out a few all time great oldies. It was a very enjoyable night. Andrew Chang left his pair of slipper near the bench and couldn't find it any more.