established 7 August 2003

Run Report

Run No : 28

Date : 18/03/04

Venue : Upper Seletar Reservoir Park, Track 7 off Mandai Road

Hares : Committee Set Run

No. of runners: 14 including Ivy (Mrs Sleepy Dick).

The run started at the end of track 7, in front of the gazebo. Along the edge of reservoir towards watch tower. The first check was laid not far from tower with the connecting trail down the slope, across track 7 towards the woods, only to cross track 7 again to car park B. Thereafter, the trail went along perimeter of Executive Golf Course and down into the monsoon drain. There a T-check was laid at the side of this big drain. Back checking, the connection lead the runners out to Mandai Road and into Meng Suan estate.

From Meng Suan estate, the trail went across Sembawang Road, along the side of serene Sungei Seletar towards the old Nee Soon road and into Springleaf estate. These quiet and broad roads with this estate somehow made the run enjoyable and pleasant. Out from Springleaf Ave, the trail headed to SLE and continue along the turfed side of expressway behind safety railing.

Still along the expressway, the runners were lead into the bushes under SLE and to cross a stream, allowing runners to wash off the mud collected from Sungei Seletar, and emerging from the gantry at entrance to Track 7.

Seems that the rice-with-flour marking were able to hold against the drizzer which reach the trail during the laying in the afternoon.

First runner in was just about 1hr 05 minutes with the last runner in not more than 15 minutes later.


Dinner was Chong Pang nasi lemak with ikan bilis, fried chicken wings, fried luncheon meat and ever lovable amber fluid of life.