established 7 August 2003

Run Report

Run No : 27

Date : 11/03/04

Venue : SICC, PUB Pump House off Upper Thomson Road

Hares : Ichibawasan and Double Back

No. of runners: 18 including guests Sandy Lee, Peter Bloomer, Alison Bloomer and Jackie.

The run started at the SICC PUB pump house and headed towards the trails familiar with regular hash runners. Again the rain was present during the afternoon and the flour marks were well protected and were still visible along the trail.

Surprisingly, Ichibawasan and Double Back did not lead the runners through the many streams. The trail went along regular tracks but was definitely a pleasant re-visit, especially with the cool weather.

Maybe also because of the drizzer, no disturbance from the park rangers whom had messed up a few runs in the last couple of years.

First runner in was just under 55 minutes.