established 7 August 2003

Run Report

Run No : 25

Date : 26/02/04

Venue : End of Tagore Lane off Upper Thomson Road

Hares : Sticky Tissue and Choo Jin Teck

No. of runners: 22 including guests Funny, Sandy Lee, Jasmine Chiang, Candy Ang, Xu De Xing and Juliet Mak.

The run started at the junction of Tagore Lane / Tagore Drive and proceeded along covered drain towards dead end of Tagore Lane. Hares were unusually kind and did not lead the pack into small stream. Lost trail brought the runners back towards SLE and the first circle check was followed very closely with the first T-check.

Back checking, the trail went into the once heavily wooded area bounded by SLE / Tagore / Upper Thomson. The runners continued into whatever left of the still on-going razing and cutting through old wells, concrete fish tanks from previous fish farms strewn all over.. and surprisingly, no sticky tissues !!

Up and down the runners went along the internal tracks, which now have become dirt roads and dust stirred up by the rumbling trucks, until the stretch that parallels Tagore Lane and exited beside parking lots for trailers.

On the whole, the hares suceeded in keeping the pack together throughout the run. With clear chalk and toilet paper markings. Short and sweet for the regulars as well as the lady guests.

First runner in was just past 45 minutes.


Good start to the circle with Aqua and Sticky donating a crate of beer each. Aqua for his 21st birthday and Sticky for his new son. On top of the crate, Sticky also brought in a small keg of Paulaner Brahus dark lager...

Slime was next iced for turning up after the run, armed with parang and looking too much like OSALAH bin Alien.

Sophia Chiang was next iced for not wearing a hash T-shirt.

Dinner was home cooked nasi lemak with quite a spread of choices ranging from fried egg, sambal ikan bilis, fried ikan kuning, fried chicken wings, sliced cucumber.... those long grain rice with lemak was good enough on its own.