established 7 August 2003


Run: 216

Date: 18 October 2007

Run Site: Bishan Park 1

Hare: Dead End

Scribe: Not Enough

Almost everyone turned out at the car park expecting an easy road run. Some hashers welcome the change particularly after a very tough run last week and it was still drizzling after a heavy downpour at around 5 pm. The hare flagged off the run to start along the Kallang River where hashers had to walk on soggy ground scattered with potholes. Marking was lacking as it was partially washed off by the rain. Cheap Charlie was one of the front runners walking along the River as the rest of the front runners went to the right and left side to look for markings near the Asian Golf Academy. Cheap Charlie who was using the mobile phone failed to see the rice marking laid along the River side and made a U-turn. The hashers wasted about 10 minutes searching for markings. Forced Entry found the marking and shouted on on. The trail led the hashers to Ang Mo Kio Town Garden, zigzag through HDB blocks and finally reached Upper Thomson Road via Sembawang Hills Drive. It was dark now and the hashers could not see the markings along the road that led them to Peirce Reservoir. Hashers went in all different directions, some headed for Bishan Park using the shortest route and some continued to run along Upper Thomson Road. The hashers found out later during circle time no-one was on trail. The hare confessed when on ice he has set this run with the goal of giving Old Pussy and Babi Hutan a super long run all the way to the board walk at Peirce Reservoir. The hare expected the less fit runners to short cut. The hare wanted to torture Old Pussy and Babi Hutan. Unfortunately for the hare, both Pussy and Babi did not show up for the run. False Alarm called this a half-marathon run and many agreed with him. The Committee unanimously declared it a Hash Shit run. Force Entry, who has made a lot of money this week, sponsored a crate of beer. Makan was dinner rice box packed with roast duck meat, char sau and vegetable.