established 7 August 2003


Run: 215

Date: 11 October 2007

Hare: AgarAgar

Scribe: RollOver

During the Circle for Run No. 214 on 4Oct07, Joint Master Spiker announced that the Hare this week (11Oct07) would be Agar Agar. When he said that the runsite would most probably be Southaven II Condominium, there were whispering around the Circle, because Southaven II was also my runsite only two weeks ago on 27Sep07.

Anyway, a runsite is a runsite; and the Hare has the prerogative to determine the location for the run!

At 6.00pm, “on-on” was announced by yours sincerely Roll Over, standing in for Agar Agar, as she was delayed by trying to out-wit the Forest Rangers who were keeping a keen eye on her activities in Bukit Timah Nature Park.

Going out of the main entrance of Southaven II, the pack of runners turned right onto Hindhede Walk. Then they turned left onto Hindhede Road towards the Nature Reserve.

Running past the Visitors’ Centre, the pack turned right onto Southview Path. Along Southview Path, the steep ascent proved a little tough for the old cocks such as myself.

At Kruing Path there was a check; the front runners broke the check with ease. The trail turned left onto Kruing Path and then the main road.

The pack turned left onto Rock Path, which was a good thirty-or-so steps downhill. After about 400-500 metres, the trail led the runners up the rocky slope, from where the name Rock Path was originated. After another 500 metres or so, the trail proceeded to Catchment Path. As I struggled along, the front runners have disappeared into the far distance.

After about a kilometer, the trail led me to the open field. Turning right, I found myself on Belukar Track.

As I was about to turn onto Lasia Track, someone from the far distance straight ahead shouted “ this way”. He was about a kilometer away; I decided that I had enough of walking, so I went into Lasia Track.

At this point in time, Sleeping Dick, Hole-in-One, Morning Cock and Wrong Size caught up with me. Merrily we followed the trail along Lasia Track.

Sleeping Dick, Hole-in-One and Morning Cock turned right on Senapang Link. I told Wrong Size the trail ahead would be more pleasant, so we went forward along Senapang Road. As it turned out, the two of us chanced upon the “home trail”.

After a pleasant walk in the woods, we hit Hindhede Road, and then Hindhede Walk and “home” in 1 hour & 10 minutes. Front runner Old Pussy touched base in 1 hour 15 minutes, saving Agar Agar from being awarded the “hash-shit run” by a whisker!

The Circle commenced at 8.00pm as usual. Agar Agar the hare, and Sayeting the consultant were grilled for setting a tough run, especially for the “senior hashers”. Even False Alarm, who was younger and fitter, found it tough-going, although he did complete the whole course.

At this juncture, he revealed that it was he who yelled “this way” at Belukar Track. But I was not in a physical condition to follow his footsteps at the far end of Rifle Range Road.

It also came to light that OldPussy was among those confused runners who went into a tunnel instead of above it. But to his credit, he still managed to come in first ahead of DeadEnd and the other front runners.

Agar Agar and Sayeting were commended for putting in great efforts to set the run. In particular, they had to out-smart the Rangers who were ever so eager to remove any marking that they would see along the trail.

After a round of merry-making at the Circle, the pack adjourned to “Think Tofu” at Bukit Timah Shopping Centre for a healthy meal of tofu dishes.

On hindsight, I made the right decision not to proceed to Rifle Range Road. Otherwise, I might have been lost and might still be groping my way in the tunnel. And this little tale would not have been told!