established 7 August 2003


Run: 191

Tampines Industrial Avenue 5 on April 26, 2007

Hare: Morning Cock

Scribe: Green Piss

This weeks run was a good one. After endless weeks of hares exchanging that unmentionable bright green shirt to one another for reasons such as short runs, even shorter runs or dare I say it, slightly longish runs, Morning Cock managed to set a run that was just right.

Old Pussy finished after an hour and the back runners not so long after...Well done Morning Cock! The run didn't start off quite so well though, with nowhere to park, the proposed circle area being flooded with muddy water and the surrounding air smelling of diesel fumes, things were not looking that good. Some hasher announced that each car could be fined $70 for parking illegally...ouch... a potential $70 fine!

Luckily, alls well that ends well; the cars were fine (ie NOT fined), the water dried up a bit, and the diesel fumes provided a unique and distinct aroma for the circle afterwards...

The markings were good throughout the run, and the pack stayed together for quite sometime with appropriate T and circle checks. There was one stage half way through, that the whole pack was together due to a slightly hard to see circle, and lots of confusion.

False Alarm was on the phone to the hare at this stage asking for directions-not a very hasher thing to do me fact, come to think of it, there were two "phone addicts" on the hash; the other being Wait a While who was actually working on the phone Wait a While you need to tell worker to "wait a while!"... What would a hash be without a little bit of danger? (safe I agree!)

Yip, some short blond thing, known to us as Nurse F@#ker, decided to risk his life and cross a busy intersection that was on green, much to the dismay of all around. Was the little kiwi going to become even shorter we all wondered? Flattened under some brand new BMW or Mercedes? Was the little blond kiwi never actually going to make it to Hong Kong after months of threatening (promising?) to leave? Much to the relief of all his hashing friends he remains unflattened, and remains in Singapore..... for yet some more farewells I'm sure.

And what would a hash be without the shocking?... How shocked we all were, and disappointed if we are honest, to find out that not all of us actually completed the run... How could Mad Fish do it? How could he offer Dennis, Ronnie, Rollover and Numbballs a ride in his car and then let them get in (it would have been quite funny if he had then driven off without them...) ... Well it happened, and that was that... a lesson to be leanred for those cold cold cold bottoms mid way through the circle...

Despite the run being marked so clearly, one of the best laid trials I've been on actually, we still have some amongst us who just can't seem the follow a trial... Numb balls and Ronnie decided to just walk and walk and walk after some bus stop and weren't even aware they weren't on trial.

And Agar Agar, what can I say but, Dennis is NOT chalk, he is NOT flour, and he is definitely NOT toilet paper!! In fact, he isn't even Dennis anymore ... He finally has a real name, and an apt one too - "Wrong size" - yes, a bigger stool would be a bit more suitable! Mind you, at least he has one, not like Not Enough who just can't seem to keep track of that red stool...

And that's it for my run rant. A great run and with great food after. Here's to more silliness, running and having fun on our hash!


Written by Green P