established 7 August 2003


Run: 175

Date: 11 January 2007

Run Site: Pasir Ris Park

Hare:Numb Balls

Scribe: Bring More

I arrived at run site at about 5.45pm. Less than half were present. Hare was nowhere to be found. It was drizzling and I wondered how many hashers will turn up. At about 6p.m. Numb Balls briefed us and on on we ran in spite of the rain.

At first we found traces of toilet papers but after running for about 200 meters (or less) we could hardly precede – there’s no flour, toilet papers or rice as mentioned at briefing!!

To make matter worse, the rain got heavier! Before long, Numb Balls came to our “rescue”. Our live hare appeared from time to time “guide” us (his instructions were not clear, kept telling us to run straight up but there’s no trail to follow lei).

He told False Alarm & I to look out for chalk marking on the trees. False Alarm and I looked around but there were hundreds of trees in front of us! Where on earth are the marking……… Thank GOD I found two precious marking on a palm tree eventually! By this time False Alarm was getting impatient. I tried to be nice and pointed out to Numb Balls I found the marking :-P

We ran along the bench for some 300 meters and there’s no f**king trail. We kept running, crossed a bridge and GOD knows how many café along the way. I could hardly see as it was raining heavily. Suddenly I saw Dead End and Numb balls. I saw Dead End running left and I caught up with Numb Balls but he told me to keep right???? Is this a joke or what??!!!

Feeling confused and not sure if I should take left or right, I saw the golden couple Sayeting and Hole-in-One. They were not around when we took off. How did they end up ahead of me, beat me??

We ran together along the swam with wooden deck and saw Boob, Hungry Bum and Babi Hutan running out. “T-check”, they shouted!! We tried to find the trail but to no avail. We ran for about 45mins and it was raining cats and dogs. As we are heading no where, Sayeting thought it was meaningless to continue like that hence we headed back “home”.

As usual we settled down to circle at about 8pm. The whip “Madfish” looked-alike Roll Over took the stage. He proclaimed he’s still confused if we are a running club with a drinking problem or a drinking club with a running problem. Nevertheless, he is cock sure we are a “sitting” club….. he sent all hashers without chair to sit on ice hahahahah now they’ve a “seat”.

Boob & Hungry Bum will be leaving for Manila and Bangkok respectively this Sunday, tonight we say Goodbye to them in our good old fashion way. On behalf of Thirsdae HHH, GM invited them to sit on ice and presented Hungry Bum with a lovely red blouse. Boob in turn requested a few distinguished hashers to receive a gift from him. It was heartwarming and very entertaining at the same time. He made 2 strategic holes in front of a Seletar T-shirt for Dead End and a super-small T-shirt for Nurse F**ker much to our delight!

There was a magic wand for False Entry so that she can offer “some light” to No Batt ;-P Opener was presented with a lovely torch for whatever reason I can’t recall now heehee.

Agar agar was also not spared she was charged for being “so chantik” (pretty) at the Johore D&D and another one by No Batt for being Sotong. Myself on the other hand was charged by Opener for my “False Alarm”.

It was a night to be remembered!!