established 7 August 2003


Thirsdae Hash House Harriers
Run 161
Date 5 0ct 2006
Hare Morning Cock
Venue Dover Road Blk 39
Scribe Agar Agar

Today Haze PSI 80, not healthy. The air was thick but, Thirsdae Hash House Harriers are very ON lay. Good or bad air, we start at 6pm sharp. The Hare said On On to the left but someone ran to the right, I was very confused, who to follow lah. I ran left, across AYE into NUS. We passed a construction side and onto the side of AYE beside the “longkang” (drain for the kwailo). AYE was on heavy traffic, the air was terribly dusty. The hare tried to divert us to run on the soft ground (all hard run lah). Along the way I didn’t see checks, must be the fast runner broke the checks. We ran to Clement Woods, “wah! fresh air, I must breathe first”. Now I saw HDB Block What?? Oh No! it’s Clementi West Blk. 612. So far, how to go home? Lucky today marking was very good. Didn’t have to look for markings. We ran back to Clementi Road, passed Transview Golf Country Club, turned to Dover Road. When I saw Dover Road, I was very happy. I thought I was home already. But I ran and ran, how come still haven’t reach home? st*#@d Morning Cock, do you know its very far? I reach home at 7.35pm.

First runner reached home in 1hr 10mins. The poor slow runners like Fence Blower and his friend Simon, reached home at 8.10pm. Some of the slow runners took shout cut, otherwise they would come back at 8.30pm. At the Circle, Morning Cock almost got Hash Shit. Jenny was Whip tonight. She said she cannot do it, I am virgin she said. Eventually she whipped a few guys, I think including the GM. Not bad lah. Try a few times and you will be very good at it. This week Sotong Award was passed to Jenny Yeo. Ha ha ….Jenny don’t gripe, next week you can pass to someone. We had dinner at the hawker stall good food! Chicken, egg , vegetable, ho fan and noodles. Thanks you Morning Cock, Oop! my pen no ink already, I forget to buy pen, bye!