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Run 157 report
Date : 7 Sept 06
Hare : Jenny Yeo (Mentor Brother Andrew)
Venue : Woodland town garden car park

Virgin hare Jenny manage to get help from our lao qio (old cock) Brother to help her set the run. We are very happy that Jenny can learn from someone with many years of experience in hashing in setting the run.

High hope to expect a good run to de-stress for the day. Most of the hashers arrive early and we old see Jenny walking back 15 mins before 6pm. she told let they started laying the run at about 2.30 pm ! We start thinking this must be a very interesting and long run ! Or else, what can happen between two of them in the jungle ? Note that brother only cum back just before we started the run ! Ka nieng (leg soft) already (wonder which leg ha, ha)

The hare announce the trial is marked on CPFR (chalk, paper, flour, rice) and on on we go. We run round the garden and when through a underpass and what we see is a circle with a T inside. Wa lao, new sign !!! everyone start say what the f**k is this ? The sign really make us like a sotong running around as it can be a T or a circle check !! We manager to find the trial and cross the road and run round the garden again. (No lovebirds doing tiger show why run round n round ?) We run through the estate and up the hill. Fence blower was panting away as no "fence" for him to blow. We cut through the interchange and towards Republic poly. Here Babi Hutan go round and round (Wait-a-while not around) don't know looking for lui ca bo (pretty girl) or for the marking. We all blur blur follow him go inside poly and out. Later we manage to find the marking and head towards the jungle behind the poly.

It is getting dark but the whole pack is together. We run through some thin vegetation and saw a fence !! Where is Fence blower ??? We go round the fence and came out to Admiralty road. The hare brought us run alone the coast line and back to the starting point. The first runner in was 1930 hrs.

Before the circle, Opener brought in some food and we eat until we did not start the circle at 8pm.

During the circle, GM announce that this is a hash shit run when the hare is on ice. (she thought she need to really wear the shit !) Fence blower was put on ice for taking a Taxi back ya ya not knowing that he do not have any $$ with him. Stella was so kind to lent him $10 to pay the fare. Aga-aga was put on ice twice but Force entry put her sit the thrid time. Reason as she forsee herself sitting 3 times !! Oh, she really love her butt to be cool after sitting on ice 5 times the previous week. Wonder whether she can break her own record this week ??? I think she should join the numb family very soon !

We on on to the makan with home cook food of asam fish and black sauce chicken.

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