established 7 August 2003


Run Report 154
Jurong Rd/ Bt Batok Rd Heavy Veh Carpark

Hare Fence Blower gathered the pack and gave instruction for the run, with confusing direction such as “if you see arrow(s) pointing left, you turn right or vice versa ” . Markings would be CPF ( chalk, paper,flour ). On-on was announced at 6.00pm, and off went the pack.

The start looked promising. The hashers soon reached a small stream. Among them was False Alarm, who crossed the stream with ease. Then it dawned on him that he had the duty to ensure that Wait-a-While would not get her feet wet. So, he back-tracked to perform his heroic duty. More of this later.

Soon the front runners disappeared into the distance. Moderate and slow runners, including False Alarm, Agar Agar, Jenny, Morning Cock and Roll Over struggled on. The front runners did not break the first T-check properly. So, the slow pack went onto the wrong trail before back-tracking onto the right trail.

The trail meandered through bushes and shrubs.It was really exhilarating to be running in the wilderness. The marking was good. But, somewhere along the way, the Hare “insulted” the intelligence of the runners, with an arrow pointing up a slope and with the word “up”. Was there any other way but up ?! Perhaps the crazy hare knew something about scaling slope without going up, about which we normal hashers did not know. But, that is another story.

Back to the run. False Alarm appeared, but Wait-a-While was nowhere to be seen. Wonder what happened to her. We would know by and by.The trail continued through the bushes and shrubs. Although a circle-check was broken by the front runners, it was not properly done. Hence, the slow pack again went on the wrong trail for a short distance before back-tracking onto the right trail.

Dusk has descended. It was getting a little difficult to see the markings on the trail, especially the pink tissue paper which were partially hidden in the grass. Lo and behold, the slow pack made a wrong turn onto a path leading to nowhere. They had to back-track along a drain for two to three hundred metres to get back ontrail. Soon, they hit Bukit Batok Road, and saw “ home ” on the sidewalk. But the hearts sank a little on seeing 1.4 km to go.It was a long, long run; a little too long for slow runners.

Back at run site, it was reported that Wait-a-While was missing.However, when we were informed that Brother was with her, we were relieved. For she was in the good hands of Brother, who is a well-seasoned hasher. Sure enough, soon Wait-a-While appeared with Brother. It was then on-on to the circle and then to makan, a really sumptuous dinner! Thanks to the generosity of FenceBlower!

Reported by
Roll Over