established 7 August 2003


13 July 2006 Thirsdae Hash met at the end of Yishun 7. All arrived and started at the normal time including the GM tonight. We started out over a shitty little hill (cause that was where Boob choose for his pre run ritual), and turned left. Immediately a nonsensical check then into the water, smarter hashers continued straight on and onto the trail. Good trail – along the ocean, peaceful and scenic, bad trail – miles of hard gravel roads right next to pristine unused jungle trails. WE all got to the end, but some ran thru the green arrows and attempted a tour of Yishun before coming home, False Alarm – get off the phone and follow trail! Circle soon followed. Wye Wye (why is Wye Wye and not why?) and Opener showed up late with ice so we had to rerun part of the circle. Hares Numballs and Stumblebum went on the ice forever. Sleeeping Dick had about a dozen charges, snore. Then The GM made a speech (do nto remember about what too many beers by then). Somewhere in there Agar Agar showed up in spiffy jeans and a sparkley top, how did she stay so clean on trail, so on the ice she sat with Dead End, why Dead End – why not. Bobi Utan was asked at one point to talk about the run – tow words “Good Run” and out of the circle he was. Double Back made some charges, not sure why, think she just wanted to hold the prick since Blood Shit is not around; she also has a new car…why so big lah the hash asked…don’t you remember Blood Shit she answers lah!!!! Wait Awhile did her usual car ferry duty for Babi Utan to the country club so he could take a private hot shower (so he says). Not Enough was on the ice for something I cannot remember. Roll Over did not bring his friend, blamed Sleeping Dick for putting her on ice last week – I think Rool Over just wants to keep her for himself, worried about the competition from the good looking guys at the hash. False Entry was on ice, as usual. False Alarm was head while on trail discussing fixing soccer matches in Singapore – on the ice, didn’t you learn anything from the Italians! Finally there was (is it Janet 2???) on the ice and very confused, Sleeping Dick said she was in a blur…maybe the ice will wake her up! Please find a hash shirt for her someone! At last it was time for the grub (Yank for mackan – did I spell that right). As soon as we finished the last bite, the hash god provided a downpour to cleanse the run site, how thoughtful of the hares. On on till next week… Boob a Lube