established 7 August 2003


Run Report 134 at Southaven II

The sky opened up at around 4:30pm. Heavy rain and flashes of lightning threatened the start of Run 134. God was with us and the rain receded just before 6:00pm. We started the run without the hare who was still out in the woods setting the run. The trail began at Hindhede Walk and turned left onto Jalan Anak Bukit. The trail continued behind a bus stop directing the hashers to cross the railway track and into a wilderness of trees and vegetation. The trek led the hashers out of the woods to Rifle Range Road. There was a circle check near the Singapore Gun Club but no one saw it. (The flour has been washed off by the rain. There were a few grains of rice in the circle but it was impossible to see if you were running.) Led by front runners like Boob-a-Lube and Babu Hutan, everyone continued running although there were no markings on the road. No one saw any markings for the next 0.5 to 1 km, and it was clear that we were on the wrong trail. Unconvinced, the stupid front runners continued to run, oblivious to the call from those behind. Nurse F**ker decided to turn back, and backed by Not Enough they led the group back to Singapore Gun Club, and discovered that there was a circle check there.

We were back on trail at last. The trail continued on the opposite side of the Singapore Gun Club. The trek led us to a stream, and the hashers waded along the stream for about 8 minutes. The trail continued through a tunnel underneath the PIE. Thanks to the hare, the tunnel was lit by a few candles strategically placed along the tunnel. Good job by the hare!

We got out of the tunnel and hit Binjai Park residential area. The trail continued along Jalan Kampong Chantek and along side of the Murdane Reservoir. The hashers crossed the Rifle Range Road and ran along the PUB water pipeline to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. It was dusk and was getting dark now. Home trail was from Senapang Link to Hindhede Drive and back to Southaven II.

Makan was sumptuous barbacued chicken wings, prime pork ribs, curry chicken and " choy keok " soup.

Recorded by
Morning Cock