established 7 August 2003


Run 132 by NF

Well what a start, no not talking about the run, but getting there. The SMS was "Run 132, Dt:16/03. Tm: 6pm. Site: Hillcrest Arcadia, Hares: Humpback (B day). Whip: Force Alarm. Scribe: Nurse F*er" (Shortened my name to send out). So I looked at Force Alarm and was not sure if this was a combination of the two or the sender was misspelling again. I looked up the street directory from the end of the world in Sembawang where I am finding a lot of people actually work and made directions and set out for Hillcrest Ave, St. etc. ensuring it was somewhere here. Then in a panic as I went down Adam Rd, called my good stick in the mud ex fellow hare Agar Agar, "where is this B*dy run site". Not being well versed in swimming or the language of the Queens English, on comes Sleepy D*k. Just opposite where you are, Arcadia Rd. Sh*t that was lucky, did a U-Turn and was at the end of Arcadia Rd just in time to see all you motley lot heading off with Dead End saying, plenty of time to catch up, the girls are walking. Wait till your run deadend and we'll all walk and you'll finally get that well deserved HASH'IT Well, what a clean health walk it was. Wasn't a bit of mud to be seen on the whole trip. And, that's not all, not a bit of grass, no trees for me dog to water either. Ran down Arcadia Rd, twisted around road after road after F road and suddenly to my surprise ended up in Hillcrest. So the SMS was correct for me, to allow me to start half way through the run. Never saw a check on the run, but that was due to the good work, (or so he shouted about just before the circle) of Boob a Lube who said he was forced to solve all the checks because of all the criticism laid on him the previous week. So what to write, um m m Road Run, Road Run to finally a car exhaust run up Eng Neo Ave exit from PIE to 20m of grass and a 10 tree patch and home. That was it. Meantime, back at the water recovery point, the GM has already rang in twice! to express his concern about the "good" run. Highlights, found a Stone Head on route but with all the dogs barking so loudly, couldn\rquote t steal it. Also on the way found "Loose Change" who took her big dog out for a jaunt as the small dog hubby wasn't home yet. What hashers get up to. On on for a real run this week.