established 7 August 2003



Date : 2 Mar 06

Hare : Mad Fish (Contractor : Sayeting/Hole-in-1)

Venue : Mandai Lake Track 15

I pick up Stumble bum after work and got no time to change into my army pants. The weather was warm even with the air-con on.

Happily I took off my pants when I had to stop my car at the traffic lights. As Stumble bum is slow to pass me the pants, I got no time to put it on. So I just drive towards Mandai. After turning out from SLE exit to the runsite, I got a chance to change. However, Force Entry car was beside me. I just get change not knowing that she like to peep at my....... (that is why my back need to face her when I sit on ice). The run site is near to the entrance of Mandai track 15. Most of the hashers reach there early. This is the 1st time we see Brother Andrew ride a bike to the runsite. Aga-aga is so blur that she cannot direct the taxi driver to the runsite even she is just 50m away. I think we should give her another name that can suits her character better. The "Hare" Mad Fish was at the start point but do not know where the trail starts as the contractor is not back at 6pm. We called Sayeting and ON ON was shouted in the direction towards a track leading into the jungle. We found Hole-in-1 siting inside the car looking like a suathong (don't know where to go)! Sayeting should buy her a GPS to give her some sense of direction. I just recover from a fever and decided to take a walk instead of running. The marking was good as all the checks were broken by the front runner. We cross the SLE towards the other side. I think we went round an army camp and out towards Mandai road. It was an enjoyable run as the marking was good. Wait-a-while, Stumble bum and Brother was really enjoying the jungle as they are not back when the sky is getting dark. Sayeting called Wait-a-while on their where-about. I ke-kian and volunteered to go and pick them up. My rewards is being put to sit on ice. During the circle, I then know that Force Entry was the whip and she put me sit on ice for wearing a g-string when driving. Aga-aga was put on ice for being so cei mai (blind) of not recognizing the runsite. We On On to the makan and the food is mee goreng, yee-mee and fried rice.

ON ON Numb Balls