established 7 August 2003


The build-up to Run No 128 at Sengkang East way on 16Feb06 was intriguing. The mouth-watering aspect of running through swamps and quicksand with the potential encounter with crocodiles, bloodsucking mosquitoes and the Lorong Halus swamp monster excited each and every Thirsdae Hash house Harrier!

Half an hour before 6.00pm on D-day, the enthusiastic Harriers gathered expectantly at Blk 121E Sengkang East Way, eagerly raring to go onto the trail of no return. On the dot at 6.00pm, Hare Nurse F**ker flagged off the Harriers. Down the staircase of Blk 121E multi-story carpark, and onto the overhead bridge across Sengkang East Way ran the Harriers. Turning right at the foot of the bridge, the runners met with the first T-check. Turning back, the runners found the trail at the bank of Sungei Serangoon. There a small boat ferried the runners across the canal. During the crossing, the frightening thought that crocodiles or the swamp monster might jump up from the water at any moment kept the Harriers, particularly Humpback, on edge. Unfortunately, these creatures did not show up; and the Harriers were disappointed. On the other hand, fortunately they did not show up. Otherwise, this tale would not have been told!

On the other side of the canal, the trail led the runners through swamps and bushes. At the path of broken stones, Wye Wye decided to perform a Stumble Bum specialty stunt; she tripped, stumbled, and fell flat onto the granite ground. Fortunately, she was not badly injured, and was able to continue with the run.

Next, the trail led the runners to the junction of Tampines Expressway and Lorong Halus. After some difficulties, the Harriers managed to locate the tunnel under the Expressway. Bless Nurse F**ker, who must have been a romantic soul, the dark tunnel was lighted up! by clusters of candles swaying in the breeze. Although it was 2 days after Valentine Day, the candles did light up the hearts of the runners, who managed to go through the tunnel with ease, safely and soundly. Wonder whether Nurse F**ker went back to the tunnel to have a belated candle light dinner with his partner after the run!?

Once in the open, the Harriers continued the run in the fading daylight. Then the runners came back again to the other bank of Sungei Serangoon, where the same boat took them back to shore. From there it was on-on home to Blk 121E. The Harriers all enjoyed the exciting and eventful run, thanks to the enormous efforts of Nurse F**ker!

At the Circle, Nurse F**ker celebrated his birthday, and was given the extremely cold shower. Force Entry and Numb Balls celebrated their 50th and 100th run respectively. After a fun-filled round of merry-making, it was on-on to a delicious ! nasi lemak dinner.

Never give up.

by Roll Over