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Hares: Opener & False Alarm

Chinaman Run 9 Feb 2006

Its Lunar New Year and all Chinese turn up for the run except Double Back. We all have guests Press Once and wife joining us for the run. The marking leads us through the Central Business District Shenton way passing Singapore Conference Hall, UIC Buildings etc to Raffles quay and Clifford pier. With the Melion park on our right, we climb up the Esplanade bridge after going under it. We took a left turn to hit Stamford road. I thought city run is easy but when we hit Padang, all hashers seems to be lost as we could not find the trail. Suddenly Agar2 started running towards Parliament House and I believe she must have called the hare for direction again. We cross Elgin bridge and run down south Bridge Road. The marking was pretty bad as a lot is missing. We do not know whether the rain washed it away or the Sub-con for the hare is very kiam on the usage of flour and chalk. We cross to Tanjong Pagar Road and turn into Tras Street. There we find the drink stop in front of Gourmet Haven. The hare have added some vodka into the drink and surprisingly everyone still can find their way back to the start point. The hare give out Ang Pow and mandarin oranges for good luck. When everyone is back, we could not find Morning cock and Mad Fish. Suddenly we saw them walking from Marina South and we believe that they must have detour to the park to peep on couples doing?? The circle started and the whip Boop-a-lube put Wait-a-while and Roll-over to sit on ice as they are wearing the same pattern shorts. Lets see when can someone spot two hashers wearing the same type of underwear and ask them to sit on the ice with it. We on-on to the makan starting with a Lou Hei. It was followed with a sit down dinner of 3 western course dinner.

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