established 7 August 2003


Run Report: Run No. 123

Venue: Mandai Track 7

Date: 12 January 2006

Hares: Hole-in-one and Agar Agar (Volunteer Hares)

Scribe: Hungry Bum

Morning Cock gets off the bus to find Boob-a-Lube already aimlessly wandering around the reservoir - warming up he says, not looking for trail. Of course Boob cannot find the trail even during the hash so no danger in his early wanderings. Pack soon arrives and the chant begins, where is the bus. Some of us got the enclosed nice van, others the open pick up. Got to be fast when they say load up! Hole-in-One, Agar Agar, and Sayeting in charge, will we ever get to the end of this run!

Soon we are driven to lower Pierce, dropped off and told to follow trail. Hungry Bum leaves all behind in her efforts to win the hash! Dead End patiently waits for the slow cummers. The Pack trots down the road and finally one finds the on into the jungle trail. In we go, Sleeping Dick, Babi Utan, leading the way, Hungry Bum trying to catch up after making the mistake of following Boob a Lube. Boob a Lube on top of the hill trying to cut through the jungle to find the pack. False Alarm slogging through the ankle deep water having flashbacks to his hare setting adventure with Nursefucker. Hand Job running like an FRB. Numb Balls slowly making his way down trail, where is Stumble Bump? What has he done with her? Double Back steadily proceeding, Nursefucker hopping every 4th step or so in able to see over the 3 foot grass. Even Big Bin is running trail today. Finally we all make it to the end of the long wet trail and spill back out onto Upper Seletar Resevoir and the on home. All change and dry off, Hungry Bum gets chased by the monkeys.....Boob rescues her.

Circle begins, lights are on, Wye Wye shows up in her usual high heels? Why? Babi Utan disappears to get a shower with Wait a While (or maybe she just gave him a ride to the shower). Sayeting tries to make a campaign speech, pack ignores him. Big Bin finally gets hares on ice, then Sleeping Dick has to take over running the circle for most of the night as Bin keeps getting distracted by his cell phone, lots of time on ice for him.

GM declares it a good run by the ladies Agar Agar and Hole in One. Hungry Bum at this point tells Boob a Lube that she (meaning he) is the scribe. Hump Back shows up late, distracts Big Bin again, they both sit on ice...battle of the sexes, Sleeping Dick shows both of them how to turn the phone to silent ring or better yet to off! Roll Over sits on ice for having rolled over one too many times on trail. Hey better watch out - those brittle old bones will only take so much. Opener and his foot make an appearance, sympathy sympathy...sorry run the hash!!!!