established 7 August 2003


Run Report: Run No. 122 - Thirsdae Hash 2nd Anniversary Run

Venue: Blue Haven - Sembawang Road

Hares:FMN, V Slim, Not Enough

Scribe: Roll Over

The SMS indicated: Thirsdae HHH 2nd anniversary run site on 5 Jan 06: "1036", row of shops on way to Sembawang Park. Where the heck was that?! Look more like a 4-D numbers. With some apprehension, I set out to the run site at approx 5.15pm. Lo and behold! It was raining cats & dogs, or dogs & cats?! Oh boy, it was going to be wet, wet, wet! Thank goodness, the rain stopped and the sky cleared on reaching the run site on Sembawang Road. At first glance, more strange faces came into view than Thirsdae HHH members. Wrong location? Sigh of relief when familiar faces of Forget-me-not, Brother and Morning Cock appeared. It turned out that many hashers from Johor Bahru have come to join us to celebrate our 2nd anniversary run. Great sporting gestures: big thanks to our good friends, especially Disco Singh and Admiral Cheng, from across the Causeway.

Before the run, the busiest Thirsdae hasher was none other than Agar Agar, doing what she was really good at, i.e. collecting money. "No money, no run," said she. We like her better when she performed her other special duty, making Agar Agar, that is. Yes, yummy, yummy Agar Agar.

Hare Virginia Slim conned us to believe that the run would be easy, that being the 2nd anniversary run and he would not want the hashers to be overly exerted that they could not enjoy themselves and all that crap. Not forgetting that he offered us a choice of "long" and "short" run, both of which could be completed within an hour.

Just before the run, a group photo was taken to commemorate the event. And as usual, Sayeting still had difficulty with his digital camera in auto mode. "When will he ever learn, when will he ever learn?" Or will he? Guess "the answer is blowing in the wind."

The fun began when on-on was flagged off at around 6.10pm. The first T-check occurred almost at the starting point, less than 50 meters to be exact. Right after this, true to his name, False Alarm stumbled into a big hole in the ground, thinking that he had scored a Hole-in-one! Good thing that he was not injured, and he continued with the run.

The next stage of the run brought us to some swamp land where we did get wet, wet, wet after all, not from the rain but from the water on the ground. After wading for eternity in the swamp after swamp, and tracking through bushes after bushes, we came to the canal. Here and now Sleeping Dick decided to out-do False Alarm; he stumbled into the canal for a swim. And got really wet, wet, wet!

Then, more swamps and bushes. Finally, it was time to cross the canal again! Holy smoke! Guess who was at the other side of the canal? Who else but Virginia Slim with a smirky smile on his face and a beer can in his hand! With the help of a rope tied to the railing, everyone managed to go up the steep bank of the canal and go on home.

Virginia Slim must have lost some of his ball-bearings. The run was not much of a run; it was more hiking through bushes after bushes and wading across swamps after swamps, including the eventful canal crossings. However, it did provide a good work-out for everyone!

At the end of the run, the most relieved hasher had to be False Alarm, thanking his lucky stars that Wait-a-while did not turn up early for the run. Otherwise, he might still be somewhere out there in the Sembawang swamps, struggling to go on home, with Wait-a-while on his aching back! ( Note: It has been decreed that False Alarm shall bear Wait-a-While on his back across all water bodies on the run route, including but not limiting to streams, canals, swamps, in order that Wait-a-While shall not get her pretty feet wet! )

At the Circle, Opener celebrated his birthday. Double Back and Dead End achieved 50th and 100th run respectively, and were given the traditional cold showers, which the female members of Thirsdae HHH really relished.

After a good round of merry-making at the Circle, in which our guests from Johor Bahru actively participated, we adjourned to a sumptuous dinner, with free flow of beer, wine, whisky and what-not. During the Circle, Nurse F**ker must have had one too many can of beer. For during dinner, he went on a high and started hugging all the males! Then, he sombered up a wee bit, and did a little dance with Force Entry. After that he had to turn in early for the night.

The Thirsdae HHH 2nd anniversary run turned out to be a memorable event. We were grateful for the support of the hashers from Johor Bahru. Not forgetting the hard work put in by our dedicated Thirsdae HHH members! May we have many more good runs and events to come!