established 7 August 2003


Run: 116

Date: 24/11/2005

Run Site: Kent Ridge


Scribe: BIGBIN (who say I can’t write?)

Arrived at run site 1720hrs, both hares were cleaning themselves and having a can of beer. They were seen sitting on the rock relaxing themselves. Half of the group was already doing their warm ups and waiting for the rest of the group to either arrive or changed into their running gears. BROTHER as usual got his whole Woodland Mafia to come and support his run. Unfortunately, as it tuned out, his whole mafia group set there and enjoyed themselves with the golden amber fluid and watching a bunch of "crack athletes" doing silly actions with their bodies, which they call warm-up.

BROTHER called everyone together and explained a "long story" about his short run. The hint is that it will be a short and simple (like the hares) run. The reason for the short run is that we have to come back early so that we can adjourn to a sumptuous dinner early. Rumour has it that they encounter Big problem trying to bash through the nursery fencing but failed miserably because the nursery put up a brand new fence. No hole in fence, so had to detour. At 1800hrs, the ON ON was called by BROTHER and he shouted "fuck on" and pointed to his general left direction. First runners who broke from the pack early were BOOB A LOOB and FALSE ENTRY's son, Nick - with old boy BOOB leading the way. After 150 meters away they met a T-Check and both these two FRBs got FUCKED UP. They ran back to meet up with the rest of the slower pack. After meeting up with the whole pack, they continued their run towards the next trail.

After some hard running, the front runners met up with a CIRCLE CHECK, both BOOB and Nick found the trail and broke the check within a few minutes. They were holding on to the Check waiting for us to arrive. Usually when BOOB found any CHECKS, he never even cared about breaking the check and waiting for the back runners to catch up with him. He got iced very long by FALSE ALARM in last week’s circle and eventually he became a very caring front runner to the rest of the group. What a wonderful change. Keep it UP, BOOB.

Later BOOB found a T-CHECK near the Pasir Panjang terrace houses, he too BROKE the CHECK to lead the rest of the runners to the direction of the trail. OH! HOW THOUGHTFUL!!! But one runner did made a blunder. OPENER saw an arrow leading uphill and without thinking went straight up. After huffing and puffing up the "siong" (translation - "satisfying") hill, he saw a T-CHECK. "Wah lun ehh" (translation - "what a stupid cock"). Waste of time sia..... So he run back, found the slow backpackers, and joined them.

HOLE-IN-ONE and HUMPBACK followed one trail behind the SHELL station leading to Home. Instead of following the trail where the intended path is leading to Home, both runners went through a 'smart-trail' when they followed a trail of flour behind the SHELL station and within 100 meters they saw Home. BOOB and Nick reached home and clocked 38 minutes flat after the ON ON at 1800hrs. After everyone reached Home, they discovered that STUMBLE BUM had not reached Home yet. NUMB BALLS was damn worried and began running around and asking the rest of the pack if they had seen STUMBLE BUM along the way. After 1940hrs STUMBLE BUM managed to stumble her way back to the HOME site. Everyone celebrated and all ON ON to the makan (hungry) place ordy.....happily ever after.