established 7 August 2003


Run: 115


Venue: Lorong Lada Hitam

Date: 17 Nov 05

Hare: OPENER and FORCE ENTRY (Volunteer Hares)

Most of us arrive earlier and we had SPIKER to join us for the run. The hares shouted On On and this time we did not run inside the army training area. We ran along the drain but due to heavy pouring over the past few days, we have to run across nature "waterfall" to wash and cool our shoes. We hit the KJE highway and was welcomed with the first circle check. Everyone thought that we will run inside the army training area but could not find the trail. It took us almost 10 minutes before someone shouted On On up on the hill. We crossed the traffic lights and ran up the hill. The marking was too far and most of us just ran blindly following the hashers in front. We went down the slope and the arrow was pointing down into a manhole. STUMBLE BUM was so afraid of dark that she did not dare to go down. We thought AGAR AGAR was very "garang" (brave in Malay) but also chicken out. Rumour has it that she freak out on seeing lizards.

Out come 2 brave gentlemen DEAD END and SPIKER who offered help to escort the two girls across the highway. However, the so call "gentlemen" just zoom across the KJE leaving the girls behind. The girls have no choice but to turn back. The hare thought that we are going to have some romantic time crossing the "underpass" and left out lighting it with candles. We ran though the jungle and the hare leads us to a pool of water for us to wash our shoes. We continue to follow the marking that lead us into another jungle. As it was getting dark, we could not find the tape marking. However, the group was all together and out come the hare shining their touch at us. They lead us out of the vegetation and we follow the road back. It took us 1.5 hours to be back. We had the circle and the whip is DEAD END. This is the first time we see DEAD END put so many people on ice. After the circle, we On-On to the makan which is nasi lemak from Chong Pang.