established 7 August 2003


Run No. 112

Date: 27/10/05

Venue: Mornington Country Club, Seletar Camp


My Hastory

Time really flies. With the twinkling of an eye, it has been 17 years since I last scribe for Seletar Hash House Harriers in 1988 after joining the club at Run 23 in March 1981 - its inception year. Memories of yesteryears still lingers as I rambled and bashed with the motley pack of hashturds through matching stream and channel, undulating hills, valleys and jungle, picturesque fish ponds and pig styles and rustic kampongs. I lost count the number of times where I could not find my way home after being glues to the "holy ale" all night long. Back home, I had to face the wrought of my better-half with my shitty shoes, stinking short and T shirt camouflaged with alcohol fragrance. My high-spirited hastory come to an abrupt climax when she threatened to institude the dreaded "7-letter" word if I persist on my unwarranted interest. She was right and her decision was timely and appropriate. I decided to call it a day when a pissed hasher pushed me into a private club pool where I hosted a run. With my I/C, credit cards and personal artifact in my purse and a cassette. Before I could surface, a bearded Caucasian jumped in and tried to pull off my short under water to belittle me. I gave them hell, sang my favourite song "it's now or never", drank to everybody delights and tendered my prompt resignation to the GM SAYETING the following day with loving and well anticipated words of endearment. On reflection, I am proud to be associated with a now world renowned hash fraternity where fun, sweat, exercise, camaraderie, booze crude hash ballades and slogans, self achieved leadership and public speaking skill and ingenuity are the tall order of the day. On reflection, I am proud to be associated with world renown has fraternity where fun, sweat, exercise, camaraderie, booze crude hash, ballads & slogans, self-achieved leadership and public speaking skills and ingenuity are the tall order of the day. It's a crazy mumbo jumbo and odds & ends, chum-chum, seow-seow organization - certainly not for the faint hearted. A note worthy and heartening credit to my legacy and achievement to the 'fuck' that I have brought in a various period of time to harden, dedicated and involved WC.

1. William Cheng (Sye-Ting) - Once a upon of time, my next door neighbor: A husky moustache hunk who forked out instructions and order with military like precision and candor - very regimented and regulatory committed, always on the ball, calls the shot a 'Baba-Tit' - a direct & straight forward fellow who often does things his ways and style much to little chagrin of others.

2. William Chin (Morning Cock) - My compatriot in the Singapore Adventurous Club for 42 years, an easy going, carefree, relax, unassuming guy. His 'anything also can' attitude could have easily earn him the ideal candidate for a full time Thirsdae Hash post if our fund can sustain him.

The Run

Out the compound and opposite road - turn left-follow markings - you are going to enjoy 'it' - Bellowed Opener to the motley bunch of 17 eager runners ever-ready to savor yet another ritual. They packed their way in and out through a X-section of single storey mainly expatriates & local executives. With fierce barking dogs and sultry looking maids casting amorous glances & waving to a couple of our adonies men especially NOT ENOUGH - it certainly created an air excitement as they sauntered by. 2 T-checks were strategically placed at inter junction along colonial style roads Lincoln, Edgware & Lantern to keep the pack together for a good 25 minutes stretch of running.

Along the long & windy Liberty Road opposite a bus stop, the trail curved in to a forested area of moderate vegetation, a well attended crop of pandan leaves. Toilet paper ware scattered loosely placed by the hares making visibility difficult especially when it gets darker. It appears that they require the tissue for 'pang sai' later on. A good 15 minutes clamp walk along the stretch keep the front & middle runners together. Yours truly, SYETING, NUMB-BALLS & STUMBLE BUMP were the trail enders Once out of the wilderness, we packed along a dirt trail and to our amazement saw Opener trying frantically to remove his mini-bus with its tyres stucked in an uneven narrow path. We heaved and puffed and utilized our energies & eventually got it on the main road good again. He was very happy and promised free beer but we were made to sit on ice with free beer on the house. Are - what others for in time of need. The final leg of the run was along a long paved track about 11/2 km on the fringe of TPE leading to the entrance of Picadilly Road and have 1st runner in was close to 52 minutes & last runner Saye-Ting & yours truly (as usual) @ 1 hr-10 minutes.

Verdict: Moderate good run-maximise good use of terrain

My rating: 73/100

Food: Famous Jalan Kayu roti-plata but with no meat - NO Shiok!

1st timer whip Jill holding the gigantic rubbery prick was given a decreasing-down by GM & advised to unstill more jest, amusement & excitement to the circle. As usual, Sleepy Dick has his 'chong-hei' play to tell. Others like Nurse Fucker & Boob A-Lube caused some confusion when they took on one another a ice.

I UNDERSTAND WHAT TALKING YOU SPEAK PROPER ENGLISH - MAN! At the end of it all somehow after 4 cans of Chang's and 5 jugs chilled jugs at the karoke lounge. I managed to get home in heavy drizzle, took a hot bath and a good night sleep. That's life